Tales of Ancamnia


Tales of Ancamnia is a one man project. It is a single player computer roleplaying game. The game is somewhat influenced by roguelikes (the emphasis in ToA is more on the story/NPCs interaction rather than the randomness) and the graphics are similiar to older Ultima games.

The game engine is written in C++ but the maps, NPCs, conversations etc. are scripted in Lua. Some of the data files, e.g. dialogue trees, are written in XML for easy editing. The usage of scripting language and text format data files makes the game content (quite) easy to create.

The game has been under development since June of 2004. This project was my first proper attempt at making a game so it lacks some features and the code may be somewhat messy.

Current features:

Planned features:

Libraries and other coding sources used in the project:

The graphics are mostly from different public domain tilesets but some were made by me. Here are links to the different tilesets which were used: